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Our first album, Nicnōs, was released May 2014, and we are very excited to share our new album, Nicnōs II, that just released April 2016. Find Nicnōs music on iTunes, Google PlayCD Baby, Guestroom Records, and get a physical copy at a live show!   Tour Dates


  • Water4:34
  • You Don't Own Me0:00
  • Something You Should Know0:00
  • Sing0:00
  • She Don't Want Me0:00
  • Riverbed0:00
  • Miss Lonely0:00
  • Into The Ground0:00
  • Fire0:00
  • Doghouse0:00
  • Breaking Before The Fall0:00

Currentland Review

"Central Oklahoma's own five-piece fusion folk rock outfit, Nicnōs, have released a dynamic, dynamite self-titled debut album that's dripping with musicianship and meaning.  The high energy effort is reflective of how the quintet delivers the goods in a live setting, while making the statement that this music could also be fit to fill a stadium.  Perhaps youth is the driving factor behind the default high-energy atmosphere portrayed through the compositions, but nonetheless, the songs are catchy and captivating.  "You Don't Own Me" is a fine example of stadium-sized stomp-worthy tunes, delivering the album complete with soaring vocals, righteous guitar riffs, and phenomenal fiddling.  Simpler, more homegrown tracks dot the album, but Nicnōs clearly freak me out the best when they're in fifth gear, combining some of the best elements from some of the greatest bands in roots-rock history, like The Black Crowes and Dave Matthews Band."

Joe Mack, The Currentland, online article HERE

Nicnōs II Album Review

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