nicnos biography 2017

Nicnos is a rock n’ roll band from Oklahoma City, OK. The band has currently released two eponymous albums, Nicnos (2014) and Nicnos II (2016).

Throughout their eight years as a band Nicnos has toured all across the US, as well as opening for acclaimed artists such as STYX, REO Speedwagon, Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown, The Revivalists and more.

The Nicnos sound is characterized by their power-packed concerts that have been described as, “a wall of sound coming off the stage from the first note.” - Blake Surrell (Lava Lounge Productions)

The band has settled into a four piece over time, pulling influence from rock greats like Led Zeppelin and the Beatles, while still maintaining a modern sound that has been said to “personify rock and roll.” Although they have shifted to a smaller lineup, the band has moved their sound it's biggest and heaviest form yet. - P.L. “Sunshine” Seawright (Axis Entertainment)

Nicnos is currently in the process of finishing their third album, to be released in 2018, along with supporting tour dates.


Josh Cox - Vocals

Nick Sigman - Guitar

Parker Rhea - Bass

Jerred Bauer - Drums